Fashion Made Simple

Cailin Russo

One of the defining characteristics of this young lady is that while she does not particularly embrace the idea of becoming a high fashion model, she certainly has the looks to breakthrough in the industry. At only nineteen years of age, she also has the time to make an impressive mark in her field. However, it is neither her age nor her rather humble attitude that define Cailin Russo; it is rather the visual impact that she displays that is one of her truly remarkable attributes.

A Hint of Brooding Innocence

One of the most noticeable features of Ms. Russo is that her eyes reflect an innocence that is all too often overshadowed by what some would term the rather “plastic” nature of the modelling industry. There is something very soft in her eyes; something akin to a passion that has yet to be fully realised. With an appearance and a gaze that slightly hints of singer Fiona Apple in the 1990s, Cailin Russo brings a fresh and even brooding look into her persona.

Much-Needed Purity

As touched upon previously, Ms. Russo exudes a purity in her look and her appeal that allows many of her photographs to reflect life as opposed to merely art. Her pouting lips and tempting gaze do not appear to be staged, but rather espousing the true emotion that is only birthed through youth. Assuming this aspiring model continues down the same path, the entire industry may very well expect great things from this young woman.

Source: Cailin Russon On Tumblr And Just The Design